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Timber on the Leconfield Estates at Petworth

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The Estate Office, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0DU 

Tel.  01798 342502

The Estate Office, Cockermouth Castle, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9EU 

Tel.  01228 527586 and 01900 823472


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The Leconfield Estates


Loading rails in the LEconfield Estate woodlands
Neil Humphris at work on the Leconfield Estates at Petworth


There are 3,500 acres of woodlands on the Sussex estate, primarily broadleaf in nature, some are planted and some have evolved by natural regeneration from the old coppice woodlands (copses).  They form an integral part of the beautiful landscape of the Sussex West Weald and therefore great care is taken when planning and undertaking woodland operations so that wherever possible their appearance is conserved and enhanced.

By working woodlands on a relatively small scale the woodlands form a matrix of different ages and species of trees, which are both pleasing to the eye and a rich habitat for wildlife and game birds alike. A programme of conifer planting was undertaken between 1960 and 1990.  Nearly all the planting since 1990 has been with broadleaf trees. 

Much of the mature conifer was windblown in the 1987 and 1990 storms but the next generation is coming up to maturity.  A programme of thinning and selective felling has taken place in the broadleaf woodlands during the last 12 years, this will continue alongside small clearfells in the future.

Oak timber, cleft fencing rails and cordwood is available as are ash, chestnut, beech, birch, wild service, other more unusual hardwood species, most species of softwood timber, poles, fencing stakes, ash hurleys, sculpture timber, stumps and birch brush for horse jumps. There are standing sales of chestnut & hazel coppice and conifer thinnings. We are often able to source more unusual items from the woodlands as well.

All timber from the Estate is certified under the FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® scheme (FSC C112410), which ensures the woodlands are sustainably managed and best practices are followed.

Timber sales:  Neil Humphris  01798 342502 or 07768 618565

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